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"Where to find tempered glass?", "What base to use?", "What glue to use?", "How do you paint the base?", "How do you get these glass shapes?"....

Unlock solutions to these and many other queries and delve into a wealth of knowledge and insights on tempered glass mosaics.

Explore this comprehensive online course that guides you through the entire process of creating tempered glass mosaics, available for on-demand viewing at your convenience.

Upon purchasing the course, you'll enjoy 1-year access, allowing you to watch it repeatedly while crafting your own stunning mosaic artworks.

This 1-hour course condenses a 3-day mosaic preparation journey, expertly presented through time-lapse videos, segmented into manageable steps, empowering you to progress at your preferred pace.

The course comprises 11 well-defined steps, each enriched with invaluable tips and tricks, cultivated from years of experience.


You'll also gain insights into my unique approach to tempered glass preparation and the fascinating world of "tempered glass & color" theory.

Designed to cater to both seasoned mosaic artists and beginners eager to dive into the art, our course even offers a FREE TRIAL, enabling you to preview the first 5 minutes before committing to the full experience.


Students' feedback:


During covid lock-down I took a basic tempered glass course. I took the liberty of making the piece my own by incorporating mirror and fused glass that I had at home, in addition to TG.  It was ok but nothing to write home about. 

When I saw Nataly’s tempered glass piece at Foothills Art Center (she won 1st place for it) I examined it for a long time both in person and online. I said “I can do this.”  I made a 12” round and, guess what, no way could I figure this out. I broke down and spent the money on Nataly’s online course. 

Most of my art is about deconstructing vintage jewelry, using stone and gems in unusual ways and as well as Smalti. 


So I’m beginning a new phase of incorporating some of these materials into my TG pieces. Thank you, Nataly, for helping me make art outside my comfort zone and sharing your “tips and tricks.”

Marjorie, Colorado USA

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