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Hi, I’m Nataly Parson

a Mosaic Artist located in Colorado, USA.

I create unique mosaic décor, teach mosaic classes and own the brand "Fun Art Colorado"


About me: 

A mosaic artist based in Colorado, USA. Have been exploring mosaic for more than 10 years. What once started as a hobby, has been turned into a "real" job!

My two main mosaic styles: 

1. Tempered glass mosaic, where I can play with color combinations;

2. Black & white mosaic, where I create optical illusion effects. 

With each project I am aiming for a "Wow" reaction and, not ashamed to state, usually get one:). 

Master Degree in Corporate Communications

The Hague University

PR Director of
Colorado Mosaic Artists 

Date (Jan 2018 - December 2020)


For more information about collaboration, exhibitions and classes please contact me

‪(720) 335-5341‬

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