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TRIAL Version (5 min): Fun Art with Tempered glass


Here you can watch the first 5 minutes of the course (full course is 1 hour). Please click on "JOIN" button and SIGN UP. 4 most often asked questions: 📌Can I watch the course more than once? Yes, you can (and should) watch it several times. First time to see the entire course with all explanations about the mosaic process, and then step by step while working on your own mosaic. Pause or get back to any part if you need. 📌 How long is the course? The course is 1 hour total (11 parts), but it includes a 3-days process of mosaic creation. There are lots of time-laps (fast forward) videos, which made it possible to put a very comprehensive class into a one-hour movie. 📌 What paint do I need for the course? I am showing how to make the blue circle mosaic that you see on the cover of the course, so you can choose 5-6 colors in this pallet, where my darkest one called “Navy Blue”. But the class is aimed to explain my personal approach to tempered glass mosaic in general (not just “copy-paste” this particular piece), so you are welcome to choose any colors or design once you understand the main technique behind this media. 📌How long will I have access to the course? Once you purchase the course you will have minimum of a 1 year access to it…maybe even longer, but since it’s related to my website, I can’t commit for a “lifetime”:))…But 1 year is guaranteed! If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out:

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


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