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FULL COURSE: Fun Art with Tempered glass (1 hour)


Recorded online course that shows the entire process of tempered glass mosaic creation (the one you see in the picture) that you can watch at any time. Once you purchase the course, you will have a 1-year access to it during which you can (and should!) watch it over and over again while working on your own mosaic. In 1 hour course I have included a 3-days process of mosaic preparation (thanks to time-laps videos:), divided by steps, which will help you to move on with the art process at your own pace. The course consists of the basic explanation about tempered glass mosaic process, as well as tips & tricks that I learned over the years, including a unique approach to tempered glass preparation and "glass & color" theory. The course is suitable for both mosaic artists with experience, as well as people who want to try mosaic for the first time. For any questions you can reach out to me at:

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