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FULL COURSE: Fun Art with Tempered glass (1 hour)


Prepare to unlock the captivating world of tempered glass mosaics! Upon purchasing the course and clicking the 'start' button, ensure you have your pen and paper at the ready. The course is intensive, packed with valuable information, and brimming with artistic secrets! Below, you'll find the essential list of materials and tools required for the course. In the 'Materials' section, we will explore an extended list of tools that can enhance your mosaic projects, though they remain optional and not mandatory for your initial tempered glass mosaic creation. The list of tools and materials required for the course: 1. Tempered glass 2. Wooden base 3. Acrylic paint 4. Sanded grout 5. Weldbond glue or any glue that gets transparent after drying 6. Mosaic tile nippers 7. Spray bottle 8. 2-3 paint brushes of different size 9. Rubber gloves 10. Safety goggles

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