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Social Media for Artists

Are you an artist feeling the pressure to create an Instagram page because, well, everyone else has one? Are you unsure where to start and worried about the time it might consume? Or maybe you already have a social media page, but it's not yielding the results you expected?


With my 10 years of experience in Public Relations and a 5-year background in running my own Art Instagram page (currently boasting over 10,000 followers), I have prepared a comprehensive 35-minute video guide: "5 Mistakes That Could Kill Your Instagram Art Page."

In this course, I share the five critical mistakes I wish I had known about when I started my social media journey.

This course is designed to save days, or even months, for social media beginners. Packed with practical examples, it is specifically tailored for artists who, like myself, would rather spend time creating new masterpieces than staring at their phones, only to feel frustrated when all the hard work on social media doesn’t yield the desired feedback.


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