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Customers' feedback

Here you can read stories of my mosaics that already found their forever home. 

Each of my mosaic is unique and is like a "baby" to me. So, I want to make sure that they find the best home where they will bring joy and smile to their owners for many years ahead. 


Kelsey (Michigan, USA)

"We love the piece.

My chair at the kitchen table faces it, so I look at it every day and appreciate how it changes with different light". 


Alyssa (Colorado, USA)

"Wow, I am blown away. Truly in awe. 

I am so in love with them!"

Wave in interior.jpg
Wave in interior.jpg

Bruce (Arizona, USA)

"I reviewed the piece and it is more beautiful than the pictures showed.

I am so happy with it.


My wife is a yoga instructor and she loves the yen and yang of the mosaic. I wish you nothing less than tremendous success."


Jim and Cathy (Texas, USA)

"It is such a happy piece, with a great road trip story to go with it. Everyone who has seen it loves it. The beautiful serendipity of stumbling into the gallery at the right time and finding Deep Blue still blows my mind.


We have it in a central part of the house that we have to walk through constantly, and I smile every time I pass it". 

Deep Blue at new home_edited_edited.jpg

Eyalum (United Kingdom)

"I am soooo happy and thrilled!

Every time I look at the it the reflection changes to something new. The picture don't capture how wonderful it is. Thanks again so much. I am so proud to have a bit of your up on my wall and look forward to people admiring it too". 

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