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SOLD Mosaic Art


On this page can see mosaics that already found forever homes.


If you would like to commission a piece (I never make identical mosaics, but we can work out something similar to the selected design), please contact me via email:

Triptych and me.JPG


The idea to make optical illusion mosaics came to me in Thailand. It was time of a "turbulence" for our family: we moved to a new place every few months looking for the best place that we could call Home. We started from Singapore and in couple years ended up in Colorado, USA.  


I wanted to express my feelings during that challenging time by creating something that most people even couldn't imagine to be done in mosaic. I would search for the right images for several weeks but finally I found them: "Swirl", "Space & Time" and "Ripple" that together made this unique thing that guided me through all these times: "The Universe". 

Here is the full story of the mosaic creation. 

Materials: ceramic tiles, wood

Size: Swirl: 18" x 24", Space & Time 35" x 35", Ripple 18" x 24"


Tempered glass mosaic mandala. Another art that was inspired by my passion for diving. This piece has a quite dramatic story that you can read here.

Size: 36 inches (91.44 cm) diameter

Materials: Wooden base, acrylic paint, tempered glass, stained glass



Tempered glass mosaic, made out of old storm door.

Initially the idea of showing a sea creature from under water perspective was created for one of my mosaic commissions…that unfortunately didn’t get an approval from a client.

But, I fell in love with this image so much, that decided to make it anyway☺️.

Scuba diving is one of my passions, and turtle is my favorite sea creature. Once, I almost got lost during diving, being hypnotized by the tranquility of a turtle’s moves and kept following her till I heard my husband knocking on his scuba tank and realized I was several meters deeper than the rest of the group.

Size: 36" (91.5 cm) diameter

Materials: wooden base, acrylic paint, tempered glass


Very beautiful tempered glass mosaic with mirror elements. I named it after the favorite flowers of my grandma who passed away a year ago.  

The photos can't truly show ​the beauty of this mosaic, so here is a video

Size: 19.5" (49.5 cm)

Materials: Wooden base, tempered glass, mirrors



A mini version of so popular "Depth" diptych tempered glass mosaic.


"In the middle" is the art piece that I am creating during my recorded online class "Fun Art with Tempered glass"

So, if you wanted to learn about tempered glass mosaic and create this beautiful mosaic, this course is for you!


Size: 19.5 inches (49,53 cm) diameter

Materials: Wooden base, acrylic paint, tempered glass


Tempered glass mosaic that was born after a remarkable Colorado autumn 2021.

Watch a cool video about the mosaic. 

Here you can read the story of the mosaic's name. 

Size: each panel is 36" x 24" (91x 61 cm)

Materials: Wooden base, acrylic pain, tempered glass




First mosaic that were inspired by my passion for diving (we lived in Asia for 3 years and were lucky to explore several best diving places in the world). 


While creating this piece I had in mind the image that any diver won't ever forget - the endless depth of the ocean that hypnotize you from the first dive.  

This mosaic must to be seen in motion, so here are several videos of it: 

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Size: each panel is 20 x 48 inches (50,8 x 121,92 cm)

Materials: wooden panel, acrylic paint, tempered glass



Tempered glass mosaic ocean wave that turned out exactly as I imagined it in my head (which isn't always the case:). 

"Now you have to find a surfer to sell this mosaic", said my husband. And this is how the name "Surfer's luck" was born. ​

Watch here a funny video of the mosaic creation. 

Size: 19" diameter

Materials: Wooden base, acrylic paint, tempered glass



My second sign devoted to the place I proudly call Home - Colorado, USA. This time I added some blue colors on background along with mirror and named the mosaic (surprise, surprise:) "Colorado Sky".

Size: 24" diameter

Materials: acrylic paint, glass, tempered glass and mirror


Tempered glass mosaic diptych, inspired by walk through the woods in spring. ​

Watch a video about the mosaic creation. 

Size: each panel is 36" x 24" (91x 61 cm)

Materials: Wooden base, acrylic pain, tempered glass



Our neighborhood is known for its crabapple trees that are absolutely amazing during blossom time. One day I was walking my dogs, enjoying the trees and beautiful sky, and decided to try to "preserve" this moment by creating a mosaic in these colors. 


When my 6-years old daughter saw me painting the base pink, she said: "Finally, you are woking with fancy colors, mom!":). So, this is how the name "Fancy pink" was born. 

Watch a cool video about the mosaic creation. 

Size: 20 inches diameter (50 cm)

Materials: Wooden base, acrylic pain, tempered glass


This mosaic is a great example of "never give up" attitude. 


Initially, my idea was to capture colors of a sunset on the beach. It supposed to be a horizontal piece with some blue, orange and green colors. 

But then something went wrong with grouting and I couldn't get the result I had in my head. Before completely giving up on the piece, I decided to experiment on it and..."just like that" a new beautiful art was born that found its new owner within minutes after it was posted for sale. 

Watch a video about the mosaic story. 

Size: 21 x 28 inches diameter (50 x 70 cm)

Materials: Wooden base, acrylic pain, tempered glass

Nataly_Parson_Kangaroo with a beer.JPG


My 1st big mosaic project. Made it while dreaming about our family bar near the ocean somewhere in Australia. When working on the Kangaroo I imagined how I am going to glance at it while polishing beer glasses and chatting with our regular customers:). 

The family bar idea didn't come true, so the Kangaroo mosaic was sold when we moved to Colorado. 

Materials: ceramic tiles, wood

Size: 35' x 28'


This is one of my COVID-19 projects. Like for many parents my so perfectly balanced life crushed into pieces in March 2020. No more school, classes, libraries, museums or playdates...which means no more time for my art projects. 

But then I managed to find a "mommy's helper", a teenage girl Sophi, who occasionally came to play with my 5-yers old daughter for couple hours while I could lock myself in my studio and create. 


This is how the Turtle was born and I decided to name her Sophi, after the girl who helped me to keep my sanity during this challenging time:). 

Size: 24" x 18"

Materials: wooden base, acrylic paint, glass, tempered glass



Zebra is my first collaboration with Oxana Kostromina (, a talented designer from London who coincidently also happened to be Russian like me. 

Oxana kindly allowed me to use her amazing drawing that I found on Shutterstock and my husband gave me a ring saw for my birthday - a precision mosaic tool which allowed me to cut all these difficult shapes. 

Size: 24" x 20"

Materials: Wooden base, glass and a clear gem


The Giraffe is my second project with the talented designer Oxana, who offered me several versions of her giraffes, including my two favorites: one black & white and another one is black & aqua. I couldn't choose which one I should proceed with, so I decided to implement both of them in one mosaic.


This is how I came up with an idea to make glow-in-the-dark mosaic. So, during the day the Giraffe's silhouette is white and it turns blue at night (after being exposed to direct sun light). 

The name for the mosaic was suggested by my 5-years old daughter, whose favorite book is "The Wizard of Oz". She said that Giraffe is melting away...just like Wicked Witch of the West:). 

Size: 18,5" x 24"

Materials: Wooden base, glass, paint and glow in the dark powder



By my 40th birthday I have travelled more than 35 countries and lived in 4 of them. When people hear this number, their next question is usually: "So, what is your favorite place?". And I am proudly saying - Colorado! The place I call Home now. 

In this art piece I put together two of my main passions: Mosaic and Colorado mountains. 

Size: 24" diameter

Materials: acrylic paint, glass, tempered glass and mirror


You know what was the BIGGEST CHALLENGE with this mosaic?

No, not to cut and glue all these circles, but MAKE A DECENT PHOTO of the final work.

“It is so much better than in the pictures in your Instagram!”, usually the first comment I hear from people who see “Ripple” in person.

Well, I hope it would be the same case with its new owner 😉.


Here you can see the process of this mosaic creation.

Size: 19.5 inches (49,53 cm) diameter
Materials: Wooden base, acrylic paint, tempered glass



Probably the brightest mosaic I have ever made. It combines acrylic paint, tempered glass, fused glass and epoxy. 

Video of the mosaic can be seen here

Size: 35" (88.9 cm diameter) 

Materials: Wooden base, tempered glass, fused glass glass, epoxy

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