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Artist statement:


“What is my superpower as an artist? Well…I can turn an old shower door into several thousand dollars art and create an optical illusion mosaic that would collect hundreds of “Wow!” reactions. Not bad, right?”

I love making unique modern mosaics in two main styles: 


  • Colorful mosaics made from tempered glass (shower doors, storm doors or glass shelves);

  • Black & white optical illusion mosaics that often made from stained glass.


In June 2022 I won “Best in show” award in nationwide competition among contemporary mosaics from all over United States.


I am proud to mention that  my mosaics are purchased by art collectors in The United States and from abroad.


You can find my clients feedback here

My latest projects


On this page you can find mosaic art that is currently available for purchase. 

If you would like to see more of my work, please visit a separate page
where you can find my SOLD MOSAICS or feedback from my clients


Colorado - my love, my inspiration and my Home. 

This mosaic became my 3rd Colorado sign. Here I combined stained glass, mirror, acrylic paint and tempered glass. 

When I was working on this piece, there was a day when I was driving my 8-years old daughter from school and she looked at the mountains and said: "Mom, they look like your mosaic!" (not vice versa:)). 


Here you can see the process of the mosaic creation. 

Size: 30' x 17" (76.2 x 43 cm)

Materials: Wooden base, stained glass, acrylic paint tempered glass, mirrors

Price: 1350 USD


Colors of the spring, with mirror as drops of the first rain...This mosaic will be a perfect addition for a home with light interior design. 


Here you can see the process of the mosaic creation. 

Size: 19.5" (49.5 cm)

Materials: Wooden base, tempered glass, mirrors

Price: 500 USD


My most recent optical illusion mosaic made from mirror and black glass. Figuring our the direction of tesserae was probably the most challenging part as it changes each time once you turn the piece. 


Here you can see my struggle:). 

Size: 35" x 35" (88.9 x 88.9 cm) 

Materials: Wooden base, stained glass, mirror

Price: 3270 USD 


Tempered glass mosaic, made out of old storm door.

Initially the idea of showing a sea creature from under water perspective was created for one of my mosaic commissions…that unfortunately didn’t get an approval from a client.

But, I fell in love with this image so much, that decided to make it anyway☺️.

Scuba diving is one of my passions, and turtle is my favorite sea creature. Once, I almost got lost during diving, being hypnotized by the tranquility of a turtle’s moves and kept following her till I heard my husband knocking on his scuba tank and realized I was several meters deeper than the rest of the group.

Size: 36" (91.5 cm) diameter

Materials: wooden base, acrylic paint, tempered glass

Price: 2850 USD 


Probably the brightest mosaic I have ever made. It combines acrylic paint, tempered glass, fused glass and epoxy. 

Video of the mosaic can be seen here

Size: 35" (88.9 cm diameter) 

Materials: Wooden base, tempered glass, fused glass glass, epoxy

Price: 3850 USD 


While working on this mosaic I mastered circles glass cutting for sure. Each of this "white dots" is cut by hand...over 250 total!


For background I wanted to find something unusual and for the first time tried frit (crashed glass that is often used for glass fusing) instead of grout that gives mosaic a unique sparkling effect that you can see on this video


It was another collaboration with Oxana Kostromina, a graphic designer from London, who kindly provided me with her drawing.


Size: 25" x 25" (63 x 63 cm)

Materials: wooden base, stained glass, frit

Price: 1250 USD. 


Very beautiful tempered glass mosaic with mirror elements. I named it after the favorite flowers of my grandma who passed away a year ago.  

The photos can't truly show ​the beauty of this mosaic, so here is a video

Size: 19.5" (49.5 cm)

Materials: Wooden base, tempered glass, mirrors

Price: 500 USD


Tempered glass mosaic inspired by walking in the woods. Do you see a sunlight coming through the top of the trees?


In this mosaic I used translucent grout that slightly changes color from light gray in the center to dark gray closer to the edges. 

Watch this vide to see how daylight reflects the colors. 

Size: 20" (51 cm)

Materials: Wooden base, acrylic paint, tempered glass

Price: 500 USD


Found this picture on Pinterest and immediately knew it would be my next mosaic project.


The original name of the paining is "Stripe girl", but when I finished it I gave her a new one, the name that represents one of my most desired characteristics - independence! 

Original painting by Daniel Maltzman

Size: 24" x 18"

Materials: Wooden base, glass

Price: 1350 USD


You know what was the BIGGEST CHALLENGE with this mosaic?

No, not to cut and glue all these circles, but MAKE A DECENT PHOTO of the final work.

“It is so much better than in the pictures in your Instagram!”, usually the first comment I hear from people who see “Ripple” in person.

Well, I hope it would be the same case with its new owner 😉.


Here you can see the process of this mosaic creation.

Size: 19.5 inches (49,53 cm) diameter
Materials: Wooden base, acrylic paint, tempered glass

Price: 500 USD.


Tempered glass mosaic in purple colors pallet.

My husband and 7-years old daughter thought it would be funny to call it "Barney" after a purple cartoon dinosaur. 


Here you can see grouting process of the mosaic.  

Size: 24 inches (60cm) diameter

Materials: Wooden base, acrylic paint, tempered glass

Price: 635 USD



The original painting of this bottle is a poster of a German wine company "Fritz Muller". 

I saw the photo on Pinterest and within the next 5 min was already on the website site of this company, searching for the contact details to ask permission to turn this unique drawing into mosaic art. 

The positive answer came shortly and the total process took me about a month. The hardest part was the "drops" that I had to make myself by cutting and frying fusible glass. It was a great experience!

Size: 24" x 18"

Materials: Wooden base, glass, clear gems

Price: 865 USD

For more mosaics from Nataly Parson, please visit SOLD Mosaic Art page

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