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ONLINE course "Fun Art with Tempered glass"

Fun Art with Tempered glass

Fun Art with Tempered glass

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Recorded online course  that shows the entire process of tempered glass mosaic creation that you can watch at any time.


Once you purchase the course, you will have a 1-year access to it during which you can (and should!) watch it over and over again while working on your own mosaic.  


In 1 hour course I have included a 3-days process of mosaic preparation (thanks to time-laps videos:), divided by steps, which will help you to move on with the art process at your own pace.


The course consists of the basic explanation about tempered glass mosaic process divided on 11 steps. Each step has is accompanied by tips & tricks that I learned over the years, including a unique approach to tempered glass preparation and "tempered glass & color" theory.​


The course is suitable for both mosaic artists with experience, as well as people who want to try mosaic for the first time.


The course offer a FREE TRIAL, where you can watch first 5 minutes of the course prior to deciding if you wan to proceed with the purchase. ​

For more information please follow the link

Online course: Students' feedback

Marjorie, Colorado USA

During covid lock-down I took a basic tempered glass course. I took the liberty of making the piece my own by incorporating mirror and fused glass that I had at home, in addition to TG.  It was ok but nothing to write home about. 

When I saw Nataly’s tempered glass piece at Foothills Art Center (she won 1st place for it) I examined it for a long time both in person and online. I said “I can do this.”  I made a 12” round and, guess what, no way could I figure this out. I broke down and spent the money on Nataly’s online course. 

Most of my art is about deconstructing vintage jewelry, using stone and gems in unusual ways and as well as Smalti. 


So I’m beginning a new phase of incorporating some of these materials into my TG pieces. Thank you, Nataly, for helping me make art outside my comfort zone and sharing your “tips and tricks.”


Judy, New York, USA

I purchased your class in the fall 2022 and loved it.


Thank you for sharing your skills.


I am really enjoying mosaic art.


And I am looking forward to watch your class again and again. 

IN-PERSON classes: Mosaic Classes for beginners

I teach Mosaic classes for beginners in a studio in Castle Rock, Colorado, USA. 

This is an ideal class for someone who is eager to try a new art in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

During a day students learn the basics of mosaics and create individual mosaic art (from ceramic tiles, tempered glass and other tesserae) that later can be used as home décor or a present.

The class usually lasts 5 hours (time will fly, guarantee!) and includes a break for a lunch and a glass of wine (optional:)).

For more details about upcoming classes please contact me directly:

My latest projects



Anna Kvach

Thanks Nataly 🙋‍♀️for the mosaic class. It was very exciting and interesting👍. I really liked the format of this class, relaxed 🍷and fascinating atmosphere😊. And of course, I was very pleased with the result.

Katya Terekhova

I really enjoyed work shop. Great master and creative atmosphere.

Chris V'Dez

What a fun day... lil stressful... lil back breaking hard work... but the end products are turning out amazing... excited to see all done. 

Tina Lushnikova

It was wonderful work shop from Nataly Parson.  

Excellent organization and presentation. Very friendly atmosphere and warm welcome. I was surprised by the price-quality ratio of the lesson, everything was the highest level! All the students girls went away with their work under attentive guidance.

Highly recommend this work shop for improve creativity level!

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